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In this area of the website, you can search for events, find information on purchasing tickets, see when figure skating events will be televised, learn the process of hosting a U. Figure Skating event and become acquainted with the marquee events U. Figure Skating hosts annually: Skate America and the U.

More than 1,300 events, which include performances, exhibitions and competitions, are sanctioned by U. In addition to the many club, regional and sectional competitions, U.

When I first had these thoughts and desires several years ago, I began by spending hours a day on the computer, researching the ever-scattered tidbits of information an aspiring competitor could get her hands on, which left much to be desired. Two years after that brings me to this point - preparing to enter my seventh physique competition and try my hand at the NPC national-level.

I love helping out new competitors; I offer it as an online service and also hold monthly competitor workshops at my gym.

Read More If you follow me on Snap Chat (SRShenanigans), you were privy to me, sans makeup, embarking on my second DEXA scan adventure.

My first scan was completed at the end of January, at the top of what would be considered my “offseason,” when calories were high (slightly above maintenance) and I was competing in powerlifting,…

Being able to prove that you've got the mental and physical ability to get in contest shape and stand on stage that day is enough to give you the self-confidence boost to go after any and all of your lifelong dreams, not to mention, you get in great shape! The nine regional competitions, followed by three sectional competitions, begin the pipeline of U. Figure Skating's qualifying competitions, which lead top athletes to U. For the past six years, approximately 20,000 figure skaters have competed at the regional level. Skate America is one of the six prestigious events included in the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Series. Keywords can be the name of an event, a city, or even a type of event.You can also use the Event Type scroll bar to also find specific event types like trial judge events or Grand Prix events.

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