Sex chat for the deaf

It could be a friend, a date or someone you work with.Maybe you think a friend or family member has been sexually assaulted.

Some of the most common destinations for dating such as movies and concerts can be difficult for a deaf person to enjoy, especially while also trying to meet a new person and make a connection.In order to obtain relevant information, in-depth semi-structured interviews were conducted with 10 Cypriot hearing adults with Deaf parents between the ages of 21 and 30 years with different occupation, sex, and educational background.It was found that most of the participants developed a bicultural identity, undertook the interpreter and protector role in their family, and interacted well with their parents, despite the lack of in-depth communication that they noted.The positive role of the extended family was acknowledged.The prejudices of Cypriot hearing people against the Deaf people were identified, as well as the lack of state support toward the Deaf community.

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