Khufu ship carbon dating

After combing a multitude of sources, my current understanding for Atlantis, would be, of a seafaring civilization more than likely a global civilization that existed before the last ice age.

Plato's story about Atlantis seems to be based around allegory and possibly contains musical references within the exact dimensions that Plato specified.

One of the most perplexing of them is how were the pyramids built?

And another controversial query is; who built them?

Fishermen long knew that the barges were at the bottom of the lake but it was in 1927 that Benito Mussolini ordered the ships recovered, this was made successful by draining the lake.

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The remains of a large commercial harbour complex dating back to the Fourth Dynasty 4,500 years ago have been discovered at Wadi el-Jarf, a town on the Red Sea shore 110 miles south of Suez city, Egypt.

It appears to have been a breakwater structure that protected moored ships from the strong winds and powerful north-south currents of the Red Sea coast.

Inside the protected area researchers found 24 pharaonic anchors.

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