Armory not updating patch 4 0

As a note, the Armory does not store Paragon points, so you’ll need to redistribute those if you have a preference with your build.

6 Funny Security Forces Memes Are you a defender looking for a laugh? The Armory enables players to store up to five complete character builds on each character, allowing you to swap seamlessly between set items, skills, runes, and gems with the click of a button.Any items equipped via the Armory will automatically swap to wherever the exchanged equipment was stored—whether that’s back into your stash or your personal inventory.The new "official" repo is at " Armory" and should probably be used as source for this package. on the subject can be found here: " I've gone ahead and taken over as maintainer for this package.topic=1351792.0" and here: " Along with the prior issues I mentioned, I have fixed the lack of desktop entries.

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