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These student sections are known for their creativity in chants, intimidation tactics to distract the opposing team, and their creativity in raiding away games.

Sixth man squads assemble themselves together across the United States.

That’s why armies have long mobilized their troops with battle cries and other military slogans.Hey RSL Nation, I have teamed up with fellow RSL fans and supporters groups in an effort to build an official RSL chant page embraced by our club.A page built for all fans - season ticket holders, supporters groups, fans who have been to games since day one, or fans who are about to go to their first ever RSL match at the Rio T - to listen to and learn RSL chants.General Sam Houston and others used the rallying cry “Remember the Alamo” to whet their troops’ appetite for vengeance, and in April 1836, the Texans routed a superior Mexican army and captured Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto. “It was the ugliest sound that any mortal ever heard—even a mortal exhausted and unnerved by two days of hard fighting, without sleep, without rest, without food and without hope.” That was legendary writer and Union army veteran Ambrose Bierce’s description of the “rebel yell,” the notorious battle cry of Confederate forces during the Civil War.“Remember the Alamo” lived on even after the United States annexed Texas in 1845, and was later revived by U. This banshee scream was the Confederacy’s calling card for most of the war, but its sound has long been the subject of debate. Fremantle, a British observer at Gettysburg, noted that, “Confederate officers declare that the rebel yell has a particular merit, and always produces a salutary and useful effect upon their adversaries.

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